Avant Garde is unique in comparison to other Maritime Security Companies for it has the services of more than 20 retired Admirals, Generals, Rear Admirals, Major Generals including Admirals from Oman and India and a host of other senior officers of the armed forces, senior officials of the police, civil servants and maritime professionals in conducting its operations. These officers have received professional training from various military and other prestigious academies.

These were the same military commanders, who during their time in the military contributed immensely to the development of plans and strategies of various defense forums at the highest level including the National Security Council, which helped to eliminate terrorism from our country. They now jointly form a larger group of different specialisations rendering valuable advice and support in all Avant Garde operational, logistic and administrative functions. This is the main reason for Avant Garde to achieve and maintain a distinctive edge over the other companies and international competition.

Avant Garde was also able to make use of the wealth of experience and insights gained during the three decades of war to introduce many new strategies and concepts into maritime security industry as a whole, receiving industry-wide admiration and accolades. Avant Garde has the best possible man power resource, all battle hardened and retired armed forces personnel, who fought and won against the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world, which even had the international maritime capability. The professionalism of these personnel is proven by the fact that many experts have commended the performance of Avant Garde in countering the menace of piracy in the greater Indian Ocean.

  • Advisors / Consultants
  • Board Directors
  • Management Team
Mr. George Chen
Major General Chandrawansa
Capt. Prasanna Rajarathne
Major Nissanka Senadhipathi
Mr. Manjula Yapa
Managing Director
Rear Admiral Daya Dharmapriya
Major General VR Silva
Rear Admiral Laxman Illangakoon
Wing Commander Senarath Dissanayake
Commodore Sudharman Silva
Commander Nanadana Diyabalanage
DIG of Police R.W.M.C Ranawana