Air Sea Transportation


AGMS (Pvt) Ltd has its own network, established with infrastructure facilities including Forward Operation Centres and Floating Platforms covering HRA and beyond, in order to provide service facilities for Seafarers. AGMS (Pvt) Ltd would enter in to service agreement with those PMSCs who are interested in enjoying such facilities to expand their business ventures making use of logistic hub situated in the international shipping lane in Indian Ocean.


AGMS (Pvt) Ltd is authorized by the Ministry of Defence – Sri Lanka to facilitate sea- air freight of weapons, ammunition and Security Related Equipments, to be stored on board MV Mahanuwara for the purpose of OBST operations exclusively in HRA. Such transfers are carried out under the supervision of Sri Lanka Customs and Sri Lanka Navy, keeping Ports Authority Informed.


AGMS (Pvt) Ltd get all such weapons registered, that are to be stored on board MV Mahanuwara or any other FAs that are charted and operated by AGMS, at Director Generals Office of Merchant Shipping under Ministry of Ports and Highways. Such registrations are valid for one year.
These services are provided to the best satisfaction of our customers by experienced, dedicated and friendly team of expertise.