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International Land Security Operations

Objective of the International land security operation department is to provide capable and professionally qualified Officers and Guards to clients, to be deployed on land based security duties internationally.

Our human resource base which consist of several thousands of professionals include general duty security guards, backup duty Guards for any international forces, personnel for Specialized duties such as Close protection duties of VIPs, personnel for Medivac duties, engineer troops especially trained for Field Engineer duties including De-mining tasks, Dog handlers and drivers capable of operating in high risk/rouged conditions.

We maintain the status of market leader in quality of the product and the service, as all our troops are Ex-serviceman from Sri Lankan Armed forces with well over 12 years service, most of the Guards are of Special forces/Infantry oriented, majority of the professionals possessed international experience, all are capable of handling English language well, all are medically fit and will possessed medical report from a qualified and approved medics with Fit for every where certificate, all are well qualified and experienced in Counter Terrorism operations and capable and willing to operate overseas for longer duration at a stretch.