The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI)

The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) is a membership organisation which represents companies working in the maritime security industry and acts as a focal point for global maritime security matters.

It seeks to deliver a positive Return On Investment (ROI) for an international membership which encompasses maritime security providers, consultants, trainers and maritime security equipment, technology and hardware manufacturers across 35 different nations.

SAMI works to foster and develop all possible closer links to the commercial shipping industry, Cruise, Superyacht, Offshore Oil & Gas sectors and Ports – to ensure that the view of maritime security is properly and effectively represented. The Association also works in partnership with international shipping organisations; flag States, governments and regulatory bodies, academia, insurance and legal professionals.

SAMI bridges the gap between security and shipping. Driving a positive agenda for maritime security, is at the forefront of issues affecting the industry and working with a range of stakeholders to develop guidance, documentation, education, training and innovative technological solutions.