Firearms Training



AGMS has at its disposal all necessary facilities and resources to conduct any type of firearms training including rifle, handgun and shotgun. We provide training on maritime security which is a One-Day Refresher Course since all sea marshals are ex-military personnel already skilled in varying levels of rifle shooting. We have so far trained and certified nearly 2,000 sea marshals.

RANGE FACILITIES: A well maintained gallery-type 300 m range, ten-lane shooting range, three pistol and shotgun shooting ranges of 25 m to 75 m, and a Close Quarter Battle (CQB) training facility.




DIG (Retd) R.W.M.C Ranawana – Head of Sea Marshal Training
DIG Ranawana was the Deputy Inspector General of Police, and Former Commandant of the Special Task Force of Sri Lanka Police. He has completed Para Military Basic and Advanced Training Courses, STF Basic Course conducted by SAS Instructors in collaboration with KMS Training Organization of UK, Advanced Anti-Terrorist Course, and VIP Protection Course. He also holds Diplomas in Anti-Terrorism (SSG Cheart, Pakistan), and Diplomatic Security (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, Georgia, USA).


Capt (Rtd) Sarath De Zoysa – Technical Advisor to Firearms Training
Capt De Zoysa supervises all firearms training courses. He is a Level 2 qualified Chief Range Officer of the International Range Officers Association (IROA) and the National 3-Gun Coach for the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) for the past 26 years to date. He is also the President and Range Master of the National Range Officers Institute (NROI) while a pioneer Instructor of the Marksmanship and Sniper Training School (MSTS) of the Sri Lanka Army. He is the individual Winner of the grueling Sniper Championship held in 1988 and Winner of the Level 1V Austral-Asian 3-Gun Championship held in 1992 in New Zealand. Furthermore, he has over 30 years of international experience as a Range Officer and Competitor.

Capt (Rtd) DHMC Abeysiri – Chief Instructor
Capt Abeysiri is a qualified Sniper and an instructor of the VIP Training, AH and HR and Combat Training Courses of the Sri Lanka Army Commando Regiment. He followed the Firing Instructor, Long Sniper and Advanced Sniper Courses combined with US SF conducted by US instructors. He is also a National Champion in IPSC Pistol Shooting, and represented Sri Lanka from 2006 to 2008 at world championships and other international competitions.

Range Staff
The range staff comprises five ex-Commando Warrant Officers who possess vast experience in all types of combat shooting.


  • T -56
  • T -81
  • SLR
  • L1 A1
  • Banelli Argo
  • Beneli MR1
  • Browning Long Trac
  • Steyr Scout
  • Pistol – Tanfoglio
  • H & K
  • Glock


  1. Conduct Rules for the Use of Force training
  2. Revised Principles of Marksmanship and Conduct Weapons Handling Revision
  3. Weapons Handling Tests
  4. Grouping and Zeroing and Point of Aim Shoots
  5. Various practices at 100 m, 200 m and 300 m in the prone, kneeling and standing positions
  6. AGMS Test Shoot at 100 m, 200 m and 300 m at fig 11 targets
  7. Familiarization shoot at 100 m, 200 m and 300 m



NO 01 PMSC PMSC USD 350.00
NO 02 PMSC AGMS USD 350.00
NO 03 AGMS AGMS USD 400.00