Our Values


Our Values

Service – anytime, anywhere

AGMS have established nice dedicated Forward Operation Centres (FOCs) in strategically important locations in the fringes of the littoral Ocean including Sri Lanka, available on 24×7 basis on call. Services include provision of professionally qualified ex military sea marshals through Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Ltd (RALL), providing Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) weapons and provision of storage facilities for Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) weapons based on board AGMS floating armouries stationed at Red Sea , Fujairah and Galle.

Customer Satisfaction

AGMS as an infrastructure facility service provider has been able  to provide services to almost all the operating Private Maritime Security Companies. Our services to the customers have always been at a very high standard for which AGMS received International recognition. AGMS continuously maintain open communication lines with all concerned dedicated to customer support.

Respect for Rules and Norms

AGMS always act according to the existing rules, regulations and norms and follow the procedures in compliance to international standards. All our operational activities are guided by the latest UN and IMO circulars. All businesses related to utilization of our services will be subjected to a contractual agreement.

Integrity and Honesty

GOSL has selected AGMS is vested with the responsibility  of providing infrastructure facilities to the shipping industry in keeping with the integrity and business ethics of the company. AGMS has an unblemished track record in the field of Maritime security since its inception. Our services/operations always have been lawfully conducted and discharged.


AGMS inspired and guided by a professional Commando Officer who has established a front line image in the Industrial & Commercial security field for nearly two decades, has four Admirals, equal number of Generals and several other Flag rank / Senior officers among its full time advisers, Consultants and Managers. All maritime security operators that AGMS employs are well trained. battle hardened military veterans. They are selected after stringent procedures including background checks, mental health assessments and medical tests.

Team Work

AGMS belives in Team Work that is generated from the wealth of experience of its employees. Top management ensures that all decisions taken comprises of a blend of ideas from all employees.